Like all franchises, Fix It Building Services offers you the enormous advantages of having a brand, marketing, systems and support. And of course, the opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. But we also offer advantages that no other building services franchise in New Zealand does.

1. Lowest start up costs

Why does it cost less to join Fix It than any other building franchise? Because we know that the key to success in franchising is to get the right people on board. Obviously you do need access to some capital to get started in any business, but we've kept our costs down to an absolute minimum to attract the right people.


2. The only Income Guarantee in the business

We're so confident in the earning power of a Fix it franchise that we'll even guarantee a minimum income for your first six months in business. That's something no other building franchise is prepared to do - another Fix It exclusive!


3. Be part of New Zealand's first nationwide trade-based building services franchise

The idea behind Fix It was born back in 1991, and it was trialled and tested until 2003, when the franchise concept quickly became New Zealand's first nationwide building services franchise. It's a fact that the longer a business has been around, the more expertise, experience and resources it will have. And the longer it's likely to stay around.  The fact that Fix It is “trade based” is an important point of difference. It means we use experienced, trade qualified builders, not handymen. It makes Fix It a true building business for real builders, not a handyman business. 


4. Lowest franchise royalties

Franchise royalties are what franchise owners pay as a percentage of what they turn over. Fix It's royalties are the lowest of any building services franchise we're aware of. Some other renovations franchises have a master franchisee structure and clip the ticket twice so they have to have high franchise royalties. But we keep ours low as an incentive for our franchisees to grow, and you'll find that as you do grow, we're the only franchise with royalties that actually get smaller.


5. Lowest overhead costs

Most of our franchise owners operate from their homes to keep their costs to a minimum. Others prefer to operate from commercial offices, but unlike some franchises, we don't force you to take a lease on commercial offices. That way, you can be more competitive and pay yourself instead of the landlord.


6. Best business system

We spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars developing an IT system that truly meets the needs of our franchise owners. The Fix It Management System, or FIMS for short, is an end-to-end system, meaning it's does everything you need it to do - pricing, quoting, invoicing, financial reporting, sales and marketing, documentation, you name it - in a single system. There's no upfront cost for software, because there is no software. It's a cloud-based system, which means you can access it from anywhere, even on a building site, and you pay nothing upfront.


7. Better training and support

Because we want our people to be the best, we're committed to providing the best training and support. You'll receive full training before you start with us. But it doesn't end there. You'll always have access to any information you need on our comprehensive intranet. We make extensive use of remote training tools such as Skype and Team Viewer so you don't have to leave your office. We'll visit you at least once every six weeks, guaranteed. And we hold regular conferences and team training sessions. So you'll be in this for yourself, but not by yourself.




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