The Fix It Franchise Story

I'm Russell Poole, Managing Director of Fix It Building Services. In this video, you'll find out why we believe a Fix It franchise is an exceptional opportunity for builders wanting to start their own business, or to expand their existing business.
But first, a little bit on the story of Fix It, where we've come from over the past 20 years, and our exciting vision for the future.


New Zealand's first nationwide trade-based building services franchise

Fix It dates back to 1991 when a Tauranga home builder realised that Renovation and Repair work is where the money is in the building industry. So instead of continuing to build houses and risking his shirt, he started renovating bathrooms, kitchens and any other room that needed renovating, and doing all sorts of building repairs and maintenance work that's needed all the time but that people don't have time or the ability to do themselves. Fix It Building Services was born.



He and other building industry leaders saw a gap in a $4 billion market

The business grew until it came to the attention of a major player in the building industry, Carters, who were also only too aware of the gap in the industry.  With the vision of creating New Zealand’s first nationwide building repair and renovation franchise, Carters bought the rights to Fix It’s brand and systems, which had been proven over the years.
But they soon realised that setting up a franchise is quite different from running a building supplies company, and they on sold Fix It to two franchising specialists, Gavin Hunt, the owner of the Signature Homes franchise, and Robin La Pere, a franchise consultant with long experience in the building industry.

I jumped at the opportunity to buy in to and run Fix It

I started with Fix It as a senior manager in 2004, having initially trained as a fitter and turner and moved into senior management. Founded just 18 months before, Fix It had already established itself as New Zealand's first nationwide building services franchise.

What I enjoyed most about Fix It was the culture, the feeling that "We're all in this together". Really. And what I enjoyed most about the job was working with the people, helping them to build their building businesses and master new challenges. They're special people. When I was fortunate enough after four years with Fix It to be offered the opportunity to both buy in to the business and to run it, I jumped at it.

Why? After all, this was in 2008

The boom in the economy had come to an abrupt end. Demand in New Zealand for new homes in New Zealand had dropped. But what didnt drop was the need for repairs and renovations on people's homes and buildings. As a nation, we have one of the highest home ownership rates in the world. We take great pride in our homes. So I knew there would always be a demand for Fix It's services.

I knew smart builders would be looking for an edge

I also knew that with the decline of the new home market, more Kiwi builders would follow the money and move into the repair and renovation part of the building industry. I knew smart builders would be looking for an edge in a more competitive market, a way of standing out from the competition. They'd be looking for the advantages normally only available to larger companies.

Advantages that Fix It Building Services could provide better than any other franchise organisation.

Fix It is unique in that it is a general repair and maintenance business, a kitchen renovation business, a bathroom renovation business, and a home additions and alterations business – all rolled into one. Fix It works in the commercial market as well as the residential market. That means there are no limits to growth.




Like to start your own building business?

Or want to expand your current business?

Now there's a better way.

Repairs, maintenance, bathrooms, kitchens and other renovations are where the money is in the building industry.

Find out how a Fix It Building Services franchise WILL cost you less than going it alone.

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