Stack_up.jpgStart up capital: Starts from as little as $5,000

It's hard to believe, but that may be all you need to start your own Fix It business if you already have a presentable van or other suitable vehicle, a computer if you don't already have one that the kids aren't using, an office desk and the other bits and pieces you need to start any business. An Initial Franchise Fee of $5,000 is all you pay to receive almost $68,000 worth of value - details on right.

You may be wondering why this Fee is so low – much lower than any other building services franchise – and why we give you so much in return. There are three good reasons:

1: It is much more important to get the right franchisees on board than the wrong franchisees who just happen to have a lot of capital.
2: By giving you a “leg up” when you first start your Fix It franchise, we allow you to invest your money in your business, not our business – giving you the best possible chance of success.
3: We provide two options to secure the on-going rights to enable you, if you choose, to finance your full purchase through profits gained from the business.


Stack_up.jpgTarget Turnover within 12 months of Start Up: $250,000 - $1,000,000 per year

That's what other Fix It Franchise Owners are turning over in their businesses. Of course, your business's turnover will also depend on your efforts and abilities, but with our brand, systems and support you'll get an amazingly powerful leg-up into the kind of business you've always dreamed of owning.


Stack_up.jpgTarget Gross Profit: 30 - 40% of Turnover

Believe it or not, most building company owners have no idea what their true GP is until their accountant tells them, and then it's often too late if there's a problem. We provide Fix It Franchise Owners with the computer tools they need for more accurate pricing, streamlined quote preparation and better financial control so they can keep their finger on their businesses' pulse. That's how our Franchise Owners are able to achieve better profits and avoid unnecessary risks.


Stack_up.jpgTarget Net Profit: 15 - 22% of Turnover

This is what being in business all about - how much money you get to keep in your pocket once you've paid for all your labour, materials and expenses. Right now, armed with our unique Financial Management System, our Franchise Owners are able to achieve profit levels that other builders can only dream about.


Stack_up.jpgTarget Sale Price of Business: 2 - 4 times Net Profit

The problem with most building businesses is that they are not true businesses at all - they're just a job for the owners. Without the benefits of a brand, systems and people required for the business to operate without them, these owners have nothing to sell. At Fix It, we provide all those benefits so that you as a Franchise Owner will be able to build a business you can sell for healthy capital gain.




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